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Movement Ecology: Stepping into the Mainstream

CTD-SRDL telemetry tags
CTD-SRDL telemetry tags being primed for deployment. ©Theoni Photopoulou
Last week, on the International Women’s Day, published a mini-review of biologging and movement ecology, which also highlighted the huge contribution female scientists have made to this field.

The review is written by Theoni Photopoulou, a postdoc with the Marine Spatial Planning group at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, and references no less than 55 publications led by first authors with female-identifying first names, of which CAnMove’s Susanne Åkesson is one of the top-cited.

Read it here: Movement Ecology: Stepping into the Mainstream is the official blog of Methods in Ecology and Evolution, a journal promoting the development of new methods in ecology and evolution, and facilitating their dissemination and uptake by the research community.


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