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NanoBiologyLab expanding into mathematics and physics!

A main aim with the CAnMove infrastructure NanoBiologyLab (NBL) was to initiate new cooperations across disciplines.

During the last months those ambitions have been nicely fulfilled through published studies included in PhD theses in both mathematics and physics through the theses by Tobias Palmér and Karl Adolfsson entitled “Computer vision based analysis of animal behavior” and “GaP and GAInP nanowires as model particles for in vivo fiber toxicity studies”, respectively.  Besides Mikael Ekvalls theses in Biology a while ago also those theses in mathematics and solid state physics have now been successfully defended! Moreover, within biology, Yongcui Sha, who has just started her PhD studies, are in full action in NBL and another PhD student is about to be recruited during spring. However, our cooperations with mathematics, physics and chemistry will continue and a prototype of an “AquaLidar” is already in place in the greenhouse. New technologies, new ideas!
/Lars-Anders Hansson

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