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Caroline Bolmeson

I have always been fascinated with ingenious solutions created by nature. Who knew dung beetles orientate using the Milky Way in the night sky? Or that quantum computers would exist in our lifetime?

I feel at home in university environments where people are curious and open, and have myself been at Lund University for the last fourteen years (2000-2014). I did my Masters degree in Molecular Biology and have a PhD in diabetes and immunology.

Although, scientific work is highly rewarding, I decided to stray of the beaten track and work with science communication, helping scientists with reachout among other things. At CanMove, I am assisting Susanne Åkesson in different matters such as grant and text writing, translation etc. It is great to be part of the team that makes CanMove the center of different scientific branches – a truly translational place to be in.


Caroline Bolmeson
E-mail: caroline.bolmeson [at]

Project assistant

Evolutionary ecology

+46 46 222 79 26

+46 70 812 50 20



Communication officer

Create Health

+46 46 222 86 15

+46 70 812 50 20


Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden