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Giuseppe Bianco

I am interested in animal movement, searching strategies, and navigation mechanisms. During my PhD I developed a laboratory computer vision system to track zooplankton swimming in 3D. I also used numerical simulations to assess how small-scale processes, such as predator-prey interactions may influence plankton behaviour. I joined the CAnMove group at Lund University to broaden my knowledge in animal tracking techniques and to compare movements across different scales.

I will be part of different cross-disciplinary projects within CAnMove with the aim to develop new systems to track organism movements at individual and population levels. New tracking technology approaches will be applied to different taxa and across different scales.

In some of the projects I am currently involved in we: (1) use fluorescent nanotechnology to improve zooplankton 3D tracking; (2) implement a computer vision system to monitor the behaviour of caged birds under simulated magnetic conditions; (3) simulate celestial and magnetic navigation ability of birds and sea turtles by the use numerical methods; (4) use laser imagining technique to track aerial and aquatic arthropods in the field.


Giuseppe Bianco
E-mail: giuseppe.bianco [at]

Research engineer

Evolutionary ecology

+46 46 222 79 26



Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden