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CAnMove Newsletter

New semester - lots of acitivites - read programme coordinator Susanne Åkesson's autumn letter.
Birds on a wire

Dear CAnMove members,

Autumn is here and with it also massive migration. It is fascinating to see how the bird community engaged in migrations to more favorable areas are changing from day to day. Also in Lake Krankesjön and the associated streams massive movements are taking place. In the labs there are high activity. Much fun to enjoy.

Times are busy and we have many activities going on in the program.

For instance, CAnMove is taking an active part in the ENRAM (European network for monitoring of animal movements by weather radar) initiative, where several radars from other European countries are now (and soon will be) installer at a field site at Kullaberg. The field campaign is designed to evaluate by comparative means the data collection protocol and detection capability of different types of radars. Cecilia Nilsson and Johan Bäckman have coordinated the program, which is financed by an external grant received for the project. The new Weather radar at Ängelholm, is part of the campaign as well as the local tracking radar form Lund, a Swiss bird radar, and an Italian bird radar. We also had hopes that a vertical looking insect radar from the UK would be transported here as well as LUMBO, but this has not yet been realized. 

The migration course will again be arranged by CAnMove and this year it starts 2 November with ca 41 participating students. Rachel Muheim, Anders Hedenström, Tom Evans and Christina Rengefors are coordinating the course. Many interesting new lectures will be given, which is open to visit, so please, consult the home page for more information.

Upcoming events this week, is the Thesis defenses by Mikael Ekvall in the Nanolab tracking the smallest animals in CAnMove Daphnia, and Sissel Sjöberg radio-tracking songbirds at Falsterbo. Mikael will defend his Thesis on Thursday 17 Sept at 09.30 and Sissel on Friday 18 sept at 09.30. Both defenses are held in the Blue Hall. In association with the defenses there will be two CAnMove seminars, Thursday afternoon (Sissel) and Friday morning (Mikael). Please, consult the home page for details.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA) Biology Class visited Lund last week, at which time several CAnMove members, including myself presenting CAnMove, were invited to present their work. Both the nanolab and the Wind tunnel were demonstrated by Mikael Ekvall and Anders Hedenström at the meeting, and Christer Löfstedt forwarded greetings from the ca 25 visitors that they enjoyed the meeting and were impressed by the biology research at Lund University, including CAnMove. Thank you all for your fine contributions to this event.

The communication project, in the format of an Ebook and associated actions, are well under development. Caroline Bolmesson is working with revisions, compiling text, making exersises and communicating with the 17 authors. Aron Hejdström has taken photos, but which to complement some of the work in some projects, and he will contact those of you who are directly. We plan to have the product finished to be distributed in 2016.

Seminars, modelling workshop and the Evolution conference are some of the current activities, but there will be more, and I welcome suggestions of topics for workshops, which may be submitted to the CAnMove Board for consideration the coming semester.

I wish you all welcome to CAnMove activities and hope that we will have a fruitful autumn and many interesting publications coming out form the program. Please, do not forget to acknowledge CAnMove in your publications, as this is important for the upcoming progress reports and the final evaluation. If you need assistance on what to write or a logo for a presentation etc, please consult Christina Rengefors or Helena Osvath. 

Please, make use of the possibility to show your recent work, by writing blogs, and send your text or new pdf to Helena Osvath.

New microdataloggers have been developed and distributed to users in the program in 2015 and the database development is making good progress. Cecilia Nilsson and Natalie Isaksson continue to support the program by uploading data and Mats Svensson is taking on new data formats to be stored. I kindly ask you all to make time to assist in uploading data into the CAnMove database, as we are approaching the end of the project period and we soon will have to report to the Swedish research Council what we have done so far. For CAnMove Åke Lindström coordinate the database interests including CAnMove in the national database initiative SEiBER.


I wish you all a fruitful and inspiring autumn semester, and hope to see you at the different upcoming CAnMove activities!

Susanne Åkesson


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