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Christmas letter 2015

CAnMove coordinator Susanne Åkesson summarizes the past year in brief.
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Dear CAnMove Members,

We are finally approaching the end of a very productive year. For instance Anders Hedenström coordinated a successful application for a new Gordon Conference on Movement Ecology, which will be held in California in March 2017. Several PIs in CAnMove have received important research grants including a Young Investigators Grant to Helena Westerdahl from ERC. Congratulations to all for these fine achievements. We have also seen new PhDs in Animal Movement Research (Mikael Ekvall, Sissel Sjöberg, Marco Klein Heerenbrink) and others reaching Mid Term (Atticus Pinzon Rodriguez).

The database work proceed as planned, adding new data to the CAnMove database, where Mats Svensson develop new modules and Cecilia Nilsson and Natalie Isaksson are supporting by uploading new data. The technical Lab develops new Microdataloggers and Arne Andersson and Johan Bäcknan have taken new orders for the coming year. Bioinformatics support has become a central theme at Dept of Biology with several new positions and therefore, Björn Canbäck will be hired by Biol Dept from January 2016. We hope though to keep the close collaboration with Björn also in the future. Our new web site has thanks to the dedicated work by Helena Osvath transformed to a modern and highly valued product.

The E-book is taking form, highlighting in the eyes of young scientists the excitement and great intellectual challenges we meet as scientists. Caroline Bolmeson has dedicated much of her work in this project with support from the photographer and layout expert Aron Heijdström and me. The more we see this book take form, the more potential we see in using the investment in text and illustrations to communicate to a wider audience. Along these lines Caroline and Aron have recently visited Vattenhallen at LTH, to investigate the potential to present CAnMove research at this unique and local popular science platform.

New Year is already filled with new meetings and activities, and already in February the first workshop will be held on “Bridging the gap between modelling and tracking data” and partly funded by a grant from Hans Kristianssons Minnesfond (90 000 kr). Giuseppe Bianco, Anders Hedenström, Christina Rengefors and SÅ have set up the program, and the list of speakers is full including names from CAnMove and international experts from abroad. We have just reached the limit of participants possible to host for this meeting, but Christina may be contacted if anyone should still like to attend.

I wish to express my gratitude to the Board Members, the personnel and to all members of CAnMove for the work in 2015! Together will all aspects covered in the program we have created a very dynamic environment with important technological support to many members in the department. The future focuses with be how to continue and make sure the investments pay off, not only in the program years, but also after.  I very much hope we can establish support and a platform which can support the current and new generation of movement ecologists at Lund University such that scientists associated with this center will stay in a leading position in the field of animal movement research.

I wish all members of CAnMove a pleasant Christmas Holiday and a Happy New year!

I look forward to see you all in 2016!


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