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Christmas Letter 2017

Dear CAnMove members,
it is time to close another year (no. 9) with CAnMove and to prepare for the Christmas Holiday Season.

It has been an interesting and inspiring year for us all, but also a year involving closing parts of the program activites and reduce the number of personnel. The year has involved preparations for the future. We have invested in grant writing, with some success, and discussed solutions with the Department of Biology and we keep an active dialogue with the leadership of the department to make the transition as smooth as possible. Besides the longterm plans, I am happy to announce that the CAnMove grant will cover the activities and salaries for personnel during the full year 2018. We can still organize workshops, but they have to be externally funded, so please keep this in mind to ask for funds if you like to organize a meeting.

I am very happy to say we have kept the high level of progress with a diversity of activities including of course excellent and interesting science. The microdataloggers produced in the technical lab have been widely used in projects on birds and fish, thanks to the hard work by Arne, and Johan, and excellent support from Helena and Siri. The 3D lab finally has got a room on the 3rd floor, and is now starting to take form thanks to the dedicated work by Giuseppe. Nanolab is in action, the LUMBO has been to the field, and radio-telemetry has been in use at Falsterbo Peninsula, fish are tracked in Lake Krankesjön and new systems are being deployed, and behavioural experiments at the field station is generating new and interesting data. In the DNA labs massive efforts produce new and interesting results. The CAnMove database is loaded with new data and Mats has been supported by Natalie and Siri in an excellent way. Helena has lead the production of a new progress report covering the last six years with CAnMove, which is now available at the CAnMove office. Please, make sure to get help to load your data by early next year, as we will have cut down the support by April, and the database work will be allocated to the new program Biodiversity Atlas Sweden (BAS).

We have been active applying for grants, and the new national platform for biodiversity database (BAS) was granted by the Swedish Research Council, meaning funding for database support to us at the Department of Biology, including the CAnMove database, for the coming 3 years (perhaps 8 years) starting in 2018. From our side this initiative it coordinated by Åke, supported by Johan, and with time there will be more information communicated about the new platform and possibilities at the Department of Biology. Thanks to all involved for a great success! PI Dennis Hasselquist successfully received an ERC grant, and we hope that more PIs will be successful in the process. Large scale tracking of willow warblers will now be possible, thanks to a grant application lead by Staffan, which will involve several members of CAnMove in 2018. Congratulations to all!

Further funding was received in cooperation with Ottenby Bird Observatory to set up a number of radio-telemetry stations on the Island of Öland, which will be a great complement to the system at Falsterbo. Also another grant for new towers in Skåne was given to Rachel and Sissel. Great to see how the different initiatives form a basis for regional tracking with radio-telemetry! For the future, it will be necessary and requested from the head of department, to include costs for technical support from the technical and 3D lab to cover cost of personnel and you will have to take into your plans to cover part of the costs for help in the coming years. Please, keep this in mind when you apply for grants!

The first Gordon Conference on Animal Movement Ecology was held in Ventura in the spring, thanks to the work by PI and chairman Anders H. The meeting was very well received and many participants came to the meeting and enjoyed the themes and talks expressing the wish to return to later meetings. The next Gordon conference on animal movement ecology will be organized by Ran Nathan in 2019, so please remember to sign up for this conference when announced. In autumn, the migration course for PhD students was again organized with great success by Rachel, Anders, Linus and Christina. Also many seminars and CAnMove breakfasts have been organized during the year, including several talks by the visiting scientists Chris Guglielmo and Yolanda Morbey from Canada. Thanks to Christoffer, Andreas, Gabriel, Christina and Helena for organizing the meetings in an excellent way!

Caroline, who was leading the work with the CAnMove E-book ended her work this autumn, and therefore Aron and I are working on the texts and layout of the E-book. The plan is to circulate the final texts to the authors and to finish the book during the initial part of 2018. There will be an exhibition of the photos during NMT-days in March in the Ecology Building.

It is soon time to summarize the ten year with CAnMove at our upcoming conference in 12-13 February 2018, and I am happy to announce that all our Science Advisory Board members will be present and several plenary speakers will participate. Please, sing up for the 10-years with CAnMove conference, as we will celebrate the activities and achievements at this event. Thanks Bengt, Christer B, and Christina for organizing the exciting conference program!

You are all welcome to prepare posters to show your CAnMove research, and we are happy to cover printing costs for posters to CAnMove members.

Finally, I wish to conclude that it has been a great CAnMove year! Thank you all for your dedicated work with the CAnMove program - personnel, members and supporters, which made this possible!

I look forward to meet you all next year and I wish you all a relaxing holiday season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year!



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Christmas Letter 2018

Christmas Letter 2018

Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden