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Christmas Letter 2018

Read this year's Chistmas letter from CAnMove coordinator Susanne Åkesson!
Frosty rosehip

Dear CAnMove members,

It is time to close the book and look forward to Christmas and New Year celebrations!

First of all I wish to thank all CAnMove members, the board, the personnel, the seminar group, PIs, postdocs and PhD students for their engagements and contributions to CAnMove in 2018! The enthusiasm and engagement has been most important for the program activities and success of the science pursued by all our members.

The year 2018 has been a year of changes, where we faced the time when our external funding ends, and we need to transfer to a new future. The transition has started in several ways, but our grant will extend to include also 2019. The Technical Lab is now organized as an infrastructure at the Biology Department, and open to users outside CAnMove. The requested work will be covered by user fees, and there is a Reference group around the infrastructure which is headed by Johan Bäckman and Christer Brönmark. Giuseppe Bianco continue to work with the 3D Lab and CAnMove for the initial part of 2019, and we will look for solutions for the future. The Technological Lab with support from Helena Osvath, Siri Persson Schmiterlöw and Christina Rengefors has produced the highest number of microdataloggers, which were deployed on different species at many different sites. Coming years will surely generate new understanding of animal movements on the basis of our own tracking technology. Thanks for great work!

In late spring, Mats Svensson ended his job as the database developer for the CAnMove database, and the responsibility and managing of the database is now included in the local BAS initiative (headed at the Natural History Museum in Stockholm), that Åke Lindström and Johan Bäckman coordinate in Lund. Any database requests related to the CAnMove database should therefore be directed to Johan Bäckman, who since 2018 is partly employed to coordinate the database activities for the Department of Biology under BAS.

We have started to prepare ourselves for the final report of our progress, financial situation, publications and impact on the society that will be sent in for four time periods to the Swedish Research Council. It is primarily Helena Osvath, Christina Rengefors and Susanne Åkesson who will prepare the information to report, but we are dependent on input from all of you. There will be interviews and evaluations of publications, and societal impact along the way and the final date for reporting is September 2019, with a final hearing and conference in the beginning of 2020. I am sure there will be an interesting exercise also for us, with increased understanding on what impact a center of excellence of this size have on scientific output, collaborations and initiation of novel research ideas as well as spread of information and contributions to society.

This year we have moved from a financially stable situation, with workshops, seminars, PhD education and several personnel covered by the Linnaeus grant, to a new situation where we need to reduce the costs for communal support. We have discussed this much within CAnMove as well as with the leadership if the Biology department and it turns out that we will still be able to run the PhD course on Ecology of Animal Movement 2019 (coordinated by Rachel Muheim and Anders Hedenström with support from Christina Rengefors and Linus Hedh) and onwards with support from the Department and fees. Seminars will continue in 2019 under the coordination by Arne Hegemann and the seminar team, Fredrik Andreasson, Gabriel Norevik, and Mikkel Willemoes. Thanks Christoffer Johansson who has now handed over the coordination to Arne Hegemann. Workshops can still be organized, with support from external funding, and which we much welcome. Please, consider this option as part of the future CAnMove program. We also plan to keep the CAnMove web-site and in the future to run this under the Department of Biology.

Congratulations to a fantastic year with external funding to many of our CAnMove members, including several young investigators! Fantastic!

Finally, I am very pleased to welcome five new CAnMove PIs who received their own research grants in strong competition and will pursue animal movement-related research at Lund University for the coming years: Mikkel Brydegaard (laser remote sensing), Mikael Ekvall (nanotracking), Arne Hegemann (immunology and partial migration), Per Henningsson (animal flight), and Kaj Hultén (fish migration)! They have all been strongly connected to CAnMove during their PhDs and postdoc work and we look forward to have you on board as independent scientists.

I have agreed to coordinate the activities for CAnMove as previous years, until the final report is handed in to VR end of 2019. I look forward to this work and to create the New CAnMove together the board, the PI group, the personnel and all of you members. I welcome you all to approach me or the other board members with suggestions for activities and future development.

Thank you all for your dedicated and supportive work for CAnMove!

I wish you all a warm and relaxing Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Read a good book and keep on moving!


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