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Why work with CAnMove?
CAnMove is a world-leading research constellation in animal movement research. We have fantastic technical resources and support, and a dynamic, transdisciplinary and inclusive intellectual environment. Specifically, we have:
  • Technical lab
    A technical innovation lab with 3 highly qualified technical consultants, who specialize in tracking systems (from birds to micro-organisms) and tag design (from nanoparticles to light loggers).
  • Bioinformatic support
    A bioinformatics consultant to assist CAnMove members handle and analyze high throughput sequencing data.
  • Movement database
    A large databases to store animal movement data.
  • Genetic lab with technical support
    A fully equipped molecular lab with technical support.
  • Wind tunnel
    A wind tunnel with state-of-the-art technologies to study animal flight.
  • Several well developed tracking systems, like tracking radar, radio telemetry, satellite telemetry, nanoparticle tracking and LUMBO.
  • Field Sites
    Many field sites with active projects, e.g. the decade-long monitoring of the migratory movements of fishes at Lake Krankesjön using PIT-tag technology.
  • Stimulating environment
    A stimulating academic environment, with an annual CAnMove conference, multiple topic-specific symposia each year (e.g. genetics of movement, partial migration) and a monthly seminar series.

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Please feel free to contact any potential host directly. If you have any problems getting in contact with a potential host or if you have any other questions please contact Susanne Åkesson.

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