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Gordon Conference: Movement Ecology in Animals

The conference will take place in California, US, in March 2017. A Gordon Conference is usually a small event with high-impact seminars and discussions. As you will notice, when applying to attend, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions for this type of conference. These conditions are primarily there to encourage openness in discussions during the meeting.

Date: 19-24 March, 2017
Location: Four Points Sheraton / Holiday Inn Express Ventura, CA. Site information:


The Conference will consist of nine sessions, on the topics listed below:

Integrating Animal Movement Ecology Research
(Ran Nathan / Simon Levin / Jean Clobert)
Large Animals and Small Creatures – Do They Move Differently?
(Lars-Anders Hansson / Geoff Spedding / Alan Wilson)
Animals on the Move in Their Environment
(Emily Shepard / Peter Marra / Henri Weimerskirch)
Modeling Movement
(Judy Shamoun-Baranes / Iain Couzin / Kami Safi)
The Neurophysiology of Navigating the World
(Susanne Akesson / Michael Dickinson)
What Is the Adaptive Benefit of Migration?
(Anders Hedenstrom / Alice Boyle)
Global Environmental Changes and Movement
(Gil Bohrer / Christian Both / Justin Travis)
Pathogens on the Move
(Helena Westerdahl / Wayne Getz / Karen McCoy)
Observing Movements – How to Track Organisms Across Multiple Scales
(David Winkler / Martin Wikelski / Jason Chapman)


The registration fee will cover registration, room as specified, and meals for resident conferees.
Examples of fee from other GC:
Conferee (Single): $1,290
Conferee (Shared): $1,090
Conferee (Off-Site): $770

Make sure you apply for these posts well in time for the meeting:
Application for registration. The application for registration should be done ASAP. When you are approved by the chair to register, you register. It must be submitted by February 19, 2017. This is where you apply:

Travel grants:
Faculty research and travel grants


Link to the Conference:
Visit the Gordon Research Conference Movement Ecology of Animals online: Here you can find all the links that we help you with in this post, just by exploring it yourself.



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