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Lars Råberg


I study the evolutionary ecology of host-parasite interactions using Borrelia in wild rodents as study system. My project currently focuses on three topics:

  • Evolution of Borrelia virulence: How does natural selection act on virulence (the harm that a parasite causes its host)? What factors favour high or low virulence?
  • Genetics and evolution of host defence: What is the genetic basis of variation in resistance to Borrelia, and how is genetic variation for resistance maintained?
  • Population genetics of Borrelia: At what scale is there geographic structuring of Borrelia? What are the causes and consequences of such structuring?


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Lars Råberg
E-mail: lars [dot] raberg [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Senior lecturer

Functional zoology

+46 46 222 37 66



Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden