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Fältval hos höstrastande och övervintrande gäss i sydvästra sverige 19 77/1978-2011/2012

Field choice of autumn staging and wintering geese in south-western Sweden 1977/78-2011/12
  • Leif Nilsson
  • Hakon Kampe-Persson
Publishing year: 2013
Language: Swedish
Pages: 46-60
Publication/Series: Ornis Svecica
Volume: 23
Issue: 1
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: Sveriges Ornitologiska Förening

Abstract english

Field choice was recorded during counts of geese in South-west Scania, South Sweden in autumn (October and November) and in winter (January), 1977/1978-2011/2012. Sugar beet spill was the most important field type in autumn and during the last ten years also in winter. Bean Geese Anserfabalis used this food source when the study started while Canada Geese Branta canadensis, Greylag Geese Anser anser, White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons and Barnacle Geese Branta leucopsis followed during the years 1987-2001. Potatoes were mainly used when fields with sugar beet spill were unavailable. Cereal stubbles were mainly used in autumn and to a quite low extent. Winter cereals were heavily used by most species in both autumn and winter during the first 15 years but less so thereafter. Grasslands were mainly used in winter, to a large extent by White-fronted Geese and to a quite high extent by Bean Geese and Barnacle Geese. The total use of oilseed rape was low, mainly by Canada Geese that utilised fields with no-till when the ground was snowcovered.


  • Zoology


  • ISSN: 1102-6812
Leif Nilsson
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