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Marco Klein Heerenbrink

Research interests

I did my MSc in aerospace engineering (TU Delft, The Netherlands), with a specialisation in aerodynamics. As part of the programme I performed a project here in Lund with the animal flight lab. After graduating I started as a PhD student at this same lab, pursuing a unique opportunity to combine my knowledge of aerodynamics with my appreciation for birds.

I will be studying gliding flight of live birds, using the Lund University wind tunnel, and compare the aerodynamic performance among different species of birds and possibly also bats. This aerodynamic performance can then be used for the development/improvement of theoretical models for bird flight.


Marco Klein Heerenbrink
E-mail: marco [dot] klein_heerenbrink [at] biol [dot] lu [dot] se

Postdoctoral fellow

Evolutionary ecology


Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden