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Insect monitoring with fluorescence lidar techniques: field experiments.

  • Zuguang Guan
  • Mikkel Brydegaard
  • Patrik Lundin
  • Maren Wellenreuther
  • Anna Runemark
  • Erik Svensson
  • Sune Svanberg
Publishing year: 2010
Language: English
Pages: 5133-5142
Publication/Series: Applied Optics
Volume: 49
Issue: 27
Document type: Journal article
Publisher: OSA

Abstract english

Results from field experiments using a fluorescence lidar system to monitor movements of insects are reported. Measurements over a river surface were made at distances between 100 and 300 m, detecting, in particular, damselflies entering the 355 nm pulsed laser beam. The lidar system recorded the depolarized elastic backscattering and two broad bands of laser-induced fluorescence, with the separation wavelength at 500 nm. Captured species, dusted with characteristic fluorescent dye powders, could be followed spatially and temporally after release. Implications for ecological research are discussed.


  • Biological Sciences


  • CAnMove
  • BECC
  • ISSN: 2155-3165
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