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Christer Wiklund

Professor in Animal Ecology, Department of Zoology at Stockholm University.

The general aim of my research is to combine theoretical and empirical studies to gain an understanding of adaptations and constraints in insect life history evolution, and the biological importance of sexually antagonistic coevolution.

Males and females have asymmetric interests with respect to mating rate which underlie sexually antagonistic coevolution. In butterflies mating males transfer to females a spermatophore that contains two kinds of sperm (eupyrene, fertilizing, sperm, and apyrene, non-fertilizing, sperm), nutrients, anti-aphrodisiac pheromones and seminal fluid proteins, aka ”sex-peptides”, that can influence female receptivity and egg-laying rate. One objective of my research is to explore the consequences of sexually antagonistic coevolution with respect to male transfer of two kinds of sperm and sex-peptides, and to explore how female monandrous and polyandrous lifestyles relate to sexual conflict and environmental variation with particular reference to female dispersal.

I also pursue three additional projects:

  • the evolutionary ecology of insect host plant generalization/specialization in relation to habitat and adult preference/larval performance relationships.
  • adaptive coloration in butterflies in the context of anti-predator defense, with particular reference to the intimidating role of large eyespots, the deflective role of smaller marginal eyespots and false head patterns, and multimodal defence.
  • territoriality in butterflies – in particular what factors decide contest outcome.

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Christer Wiklund

Universlity of Stockholm

chrwik [at] zoologi [dot] su [dot] se



Centre for Animal Movement Research
Evolutionary Ecology, Department of Biology
Ecology building S-223 62 Lund Sweden