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Susanne Åkesson

My field of research is migration ecology and the evolution of migration with main focus on animal compass orientation and navigation. I am using a number of different methods and approaches to study these phenomena, ranging from experimental studies of animal behaviours in the laboratory to tracking of natural migration and homing in wild animals by using radio and satellite telemetry. I also use mark-recapture data, stable isotope analyses and modern genetic analyses in collaboration with Prof. Staffan Bensch (genetics of migration in Scandinavian Willow warblers).

In my research I apply a comparative experimental approach to study the migration and navigation in songbirds, albatrosses, seaturtles and insects. Main focus of this comparative work is to understand the mechanisms of long-distance navigation and the functional characteristics of endogenous migration programs. Field work is located to Scandinavia, the High Arctic, the Sahara, tropical Africa and Oceanic Islands in the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans.

Teaching and achievements

I am teaching undergraduate students at Lund University in Evolutionary Animal Ecology and Ornithology, and I am teaching at several international graduate student courses in Ecology of Animal Migration (main coordinator), Sensory Ecology, and SemioChemicals. Since 2005 I am elected as a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation (FRIN) and since 2008 I am the coordinator of the Linneaus program Centre for Animal Movement Research (CAnMove) at Lund University financed by a ten year grant from the Swedish Research Council and Lund University.


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Susanne Åkesson
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Evolutionary ecology

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Centre for Animal Movement Research
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